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Friday, April 29, 2011

Chickens for sale!!!

The Livebirds project has managed to succesfuly raise 298 chickens which were all slaughtered and are on sale. Each bird is costing $6 and currently more than 130 birds have already been sold to some local churches and individuals and the remainder is expected to be sold by the end of next week.The chickens will all be sold strictly  on cash, credit lines will be extended when the bussines is more stable financially and could cushion bad debts, should there be any

The next batch of 400chicks will be bought within the next week, this delay is attributed to the fact that a fowl run is under construction and will be used to house the 400birds.

Photos of the birds and the fowl run will be posted shortly,
May God bless Livebirds project and the Warehouse 242 Church,
Misheck Mlambo
OVC Officer

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