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Wednesday, October 24, 2012


The Livebirds team members managed to slaughter half the chickens that were at the farm with the remainder being slaughtered after a week.Bob, Gladys and Tonderai went to the farm with Donald Mashinge , the new driver, and spent the day slaughtering the chickens. 98 chickens were ready for slaughter, some were sold alive(we are LiveBirds after all) and the rest(77)were slaughtered. Most customers had already been sourced for the chickens and today is distribution day, where all the chickens are being supplied to customers. We thank the Lord for the taxi which is a great help to the poultry business.

Just as things were taking shape a month ago and we were busy closing the gap(a statement coined to mean having a weekly supply of chickens) we encountered a challenge, we got a call from the farm owner notifying us that he was venturing into mining and wanted to use the facilities that we were using . He had already contracted the Chinese miners who flooded the place within a week, the chickens were hurriedly moved to another place on the farm where they are being kept, we thank him a lot for allowing us to use the farm all these months..We are currently scouting around for a place to keep the chickens, we have gone to two places where we inspected to see whether we can move there.

We have not been buying chicks within the last 3 or so weeks since we are trying to find another place to keep the chickens. We are hopeful that we will get the place, should. We have 97 chickens left at the farm that are being kept by Tonderai, a very strong willed and hardworking member.

Please pray for Livebirds especially in view of this challenge facing us.

Livebirds Team Leader, Zimbabwe

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