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Monday, September 17, 2012

new batch AGAIN

We have managed to buy another batch of 100chicken that we delivered last Friday, the 14th of September.
Bob Mwapinda(a Livebirds member) and Joseph Musiya(Livebirds Driver) delivered the chickens.

The chickens came amid a time when we were still low about the chickens that had been stolen at the farm. We intend to deliver at least a hundred chickens per week(or every fortnight-should we face any challenge). Challenges are normally from the suppliers that sometimes fail to deliver the chickens on schedule.

We are currently selling the chickens that we slaughtered within the past fortnight and have a target of selling them all by the 30th of September, we shall give feedback on whether we have attained that goal or not.

Photo shows the chickens that were delivered last Friday at the farm.

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