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Monday, September 17, 2012

Theft at the farm

It is with a heavy heart that we report of a theft that took place on Friday the 14th of September when 28 chickens were missing. The thieves broke through the planks that had been nailed neatly to close a door, permanently. The entrance was nolonger used and this is the entrance that the thieves used to break through.

We lost twenty eight(28) chickens. The chickens were almost ready for market , the photo attached shows the entrance that they used when it was still under construction in July. Hardlife Moyana , who was at the farm, is very demotivated at the theft. He feared that we may be strict on him and make him pay, something which he is incapable of doing. We met as team and decided to write off the theft(after reporting to the police, who are 26kms away).

We have moved the chickens to another room which is safer and under lock and key.
Pray for the success of the business, and the security as well as that we get customers for all our chickens when we slaughter them, we are targeting to sell all our chickens that we slaughtered recently by the end of the month(Sept).

Livebirds Team, Zimbabwe

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