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Thursday, May 24, 2012

LiveBirds' Expansion

LiveBirds is EXPANDING! Although not in the way you might think…
The iconic architect, Frank Lloyd Wright once said, "Regard it just as desirable to build a chicken house, as to build a cathedral."
We tend to agree with him.
 After a year and some months in our ‘live’ study of income generating activities, specifically, ‘LiveBirds,’ the hope-filled chicken business continuing as we speak on Zimbabwean soil, we continue to contemplate the reality that we are learning more radical lessons that we could ever digest while sitting behind the pulpit.  The highlights:  We’re learning how to link minds, hearts, and souls while rising above the challenges of communicating ideas, business plans, and even ourselves through Skype and instant messaging spanning time-zones, cultural differences, and spotty connections.  We’re learning that Zimbabweans are generally clothed in gratitude not in spite of but maybe because of their suffering—and that even across worlds, gratitude is contagious.  And we’re learning the truth that we are entering into quite fertile and sacred territory when the people on the ‘ground’ (in our case, our now beloved Zimbabwean friends running the business), start generating ideas themselves instead of relying on us for them. 
Enter: Headlights lighting the way on the beauty of expansion.
A few months ago, ‘Misheck,’ LiveBirds business manager excitedly came to us with an idea the team had been pondering while faithfully and persistently generating healthy chicks and hard-won yet growing sales amidst glaring obstacles.  You see, we’re also learning that any hope-filled, sacred venture joining minds and souls that has the potential to change generations of lives always presents obstacles… like pot-holes when you least expect them.  Previously, the biggest obstacle presenting itself to LiveBirds was transportation.  Cars are luxuries in Zimbabwe and the cost of transporting the team and chickens to and from the farm as well as delivery to the customer is steep, not to mention cumbersome.  What’s more, generating new sales is tough without means to present a pitch at the door of new prospects around and outside the city of Mutare, the team’s headquarters.  Remarkably, the team’s idea seeks to ingenuously solve more than one business obstacle simultaneously while transcending possibility in a whole new road of direction. 
So without further ado, we present you with the idea that is now a reality and can be seen traveling across roads in Zimbabwe merging LiveBirds’ chicken business with…


 Seated behind the wheel is our proud and newest employee, Joseph Musiya.  We’ve heard that Joseph can be seen in between jobs mercifully waxing the car, and frankly it’s the reality of employing yet another Zimbabwean that excites us most.  The deal consists of Joseph working to own the car after months of converting sales he derives from the taxi back to LiveBirds, creating dignity for himself and hope for his future.  Conjointly the money from Joseph’s sales creates revenue for LiveBirds’ chicken business at a time that demands an increasing supply of chicks while providing integral transportation needs to the LiveBirds team as a whole.  The taxi also serves as a marketing tool to get the word out about the LiveBirds business while building valuable relationships in the community.
We hope you can sense our excitement.  More than that, we hope you join with us in prayer and expectation for what is ahead.  This marks our expansion in business, employment, partnership, ownership, and most of all our awe of what happens within the sacred architecture of possibility.  We promise to continue to track with you on this road of expansion, knowing that God’s glory is spread across a chicken house and into the cathedral of our hearts that He seeks to reside in every moment of every day. 

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