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Tuesday, July 3, 2012


LIVEBIRDS Business last Friday bought another 100 chickens to the farm, we now have 440 chickens in 3different batches, the 1st batch will be ready for sale on the 15th of July, before then we would have bought another batch of 100 chickens.

Hardlfe Moyana(the new Livebirds member) is a responsible young man and has been at the farm for the past 10days-the chickens are very healthy and well-looked after, the brooders are neat and cleaned daily.

We thank God for moving with us so far, and for giving us such good friends as Warehouse 242 church in Charllotte,USA.

The recent taxi business is doing very well, we have received $240-00 yesterday(Monday) for the week, we have recepted over $1200 so far for this month and half that the taxi has operated, we thank God for the viability of this project. The driver cashes in $240-00 weekly  if we do not use the taxi but around $200 per week when we use the car for LIVEBIRDS business.

In Christ,
Misheck Mlambo
Livebirds Team Leader-Zimbabwe

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