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Wednesday, May 8, 2013



Livebirds, a brandname for our poultry supplying business , has moved from Broiler rearing to supplying Day Old Chicks suppliers. The recent move was "on trial" with the business supplying an average of 300chicks per week to local suppliers, the business is viable and profitable especially if we manage to  supply an average of 800 chicks per week. March and April have been mainly dedicated to securing the customers and it seems a breakthrough came two weeks ago when we got orders to supply 850 chicks.

Our joy was kept on check by our supplier who let us down and could not supply the 850chickens that we needed! The following week(last Friday the 3rd) we were waiting for a supply of 2400 chickens(yes , we had secured customers who needed 2400 day-old chicks!), CHINYIKA(our suppliers) only supplied 500 chickens instead of 2400! This  Friday we have an order for 2,000 chickens and we are still getting more orders.  The supplier enjoys great monopoly since the other two suppliers are not as good, and one of the other two is overloaded with orders and even more unreliable.

Meanwhile plans are also under way to recruit more orphaned young adults into the business,  they will be paid on commission.

We are making frantic efforts to get the other suppliers who can supply us with the day-old chicks.

 Meanwhile the Taxi Business, an arm of the Livebirds Poultry, is turning a steady profit and there are serious plans to buy another second taxi, we intend to employ another driver, we agreed that the driver should be an orphaned adult, it is a great opportunity for him/her to earn a living and to own a taxi at the end of the year.

We will make it, just wait and see! Keep watching this blog, we will upload photos almost weekly

It would not be enough if we end this quick update without mentioning our congratulations to Mr Stevan Talevski who tied the note with Miss Garman Jill. Stevan and Jill tied the note on the 28th of April 2013 and we thank the Lord that these two, who have been instrumental in the formation of Livebirds and have been supporting Livebirds Zimbabwe with business ideas from the onset, have tied the note, Livebirds Zimbabwe team have managed to send a Congratulations Card to the pair.


Prayer Requests;

**Pray that we get a consistent and reliable supplier of day old chicks from our suppliers

**Commitment on the Livebirds members ie Bob, Gladys and Floridah

**We are employing more orphans and vulnerable children(young adults) who are unemployed to be the salespeople for the business, pray that we help more people and be able to have competent youth.

We thank God for the W242 and for the passion they have to make this business venture a success, we wish the world was full of people like them.


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