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Friday, February 18, 2011

February 18, 2011 - Letter from Darlington

Hello Stevan
Greetings of the day brother!
This happens to be my .com address as you recommended.
I have thought of briefing you that we managed to hold our meeting yesterday with my team. We strategised our moves as follows:
Friday 18 February: booking and payment of 300 chicks
Monday 21 February : Going to the project site as a whole team
Tuesday 22 February : Constructing the chicken run
Wednesday 23 February : Buying stock feeds for the whole batch up to maturity stage
Friday 25 February  :  Collection of the booked chicks and begginning of feeding
We are very excited about the kick off of this long awaited  project. Note that we have managed to book and pay for the chicks that will be collected on Friday 25 February
God bless you


  1. Thank you Darlington. This is great news! I am excited that the team is jumping in and moving quickly.