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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

LIVEBIRDS-Celebrating a Year In Business!

The Livebirds poultry business celebrates a year in business providing quality chickens at affordable prices.

The Livebirds Zimbabwe team leader, Misheck Mlambo, has called for a meeting on Tuesday where all Salespersons shall attend to strategize and brainstorm about how to make the business thrive even better.

Most businesses face various challenges within the 1st two years when they start with most folding up operations-thank God that the business is still in business.

Misheck is preparing a brief report especially highlighting the sales figures and expenditure for the year thus explaining to the team how important it is for the team to increase sales.

The business suffered a major blow in January when the chickens at the farm perished when a storm resulted in a room caving in and falling on more than 200 chickens, which were all a complete waste, the remaining chickens were "relocated" to another room where they were raised till early this month (February) when they were slaughtered for sale.

The team members are still with one accord and set to make the business a success, challenges are still faced in areas like transport and also where we have some bad debtors, as a business we are also exploring different avenues to curb these challenges, we are also not giving out any chickens to the people who have not done any business with us or have no guarantor who will pay for the chickens, should the debtor fails to pay. We are currently following up a debtor with over us$500-00 in unpaid chickens, we are hopeful that we shall get the debt cleared within a month or two.

We have also sold almost all the 100 chickens that we raised; we have pegged the selling prices from $4 to $7 depending on the sizes of the Chickens. The HOPE for AIDS Zimbabwe Director (Mr. Ngarivhume) led by example and bought four big chickens at $7 each.

God bless Warehouse 242 for reaching to the team in Zimbabwe!

Misheck Mlambo

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