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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Face of LIVEBIRDS: An Interview with Floridah

Meet another employee of LIVEBIRDS.  This time the spotlight falls on Floridah.  In this brief interview, you will meet a woman of compassion and commitment. 

§  How did you find about Livebirds?  
I first learned of Livebirds from Misheck, when he was working as Officer for
Orphans and Vulnerable children through SIM. I met him in the beginning stages, before Livebirds was established when a team from Warehouse 242 arrived to see how they can begin income generating activities in Zimbabwe.
§  What were you doing before?
Prior to Livebirds, I was volunteering my time as a caregiver who looks after orphaned children in the community. 
§  What role do you play in the Livebirds business?
I am a salesperson responsible for selling the chickens when they come from the farm. I also provide a refrigerator which stores about sixty chickens after they are butchered and which I then use to sell in the community around me.

§  Tell me about the rest of your life... I am 43 years old and have three children.  My husband used to work at a place called Border Timbers and was forced to leave due to cut-backs within the company.  At this time I was struggling to raise my children until last year when he eventually found employment and is now working and can afford to look after the family.

§  What does an average day look like for you?
I am a housewife in addition to being a salesperson.  When I am not at home or at church I will either be paying visits to the orphaned children in my community. I also meet many customers on my trips to and from Mutare to Chikanga, where I live.

§  Can you tell a little about your testimony?
I was brought up in a Christian family, and am married to a Christian man.  We both strive to raise our children in a Godly way. I also have a passion for orphaned and needy children and enjoy helping them through visiting them on a regular basis and by providing support and companionship to them.
§  What can we be praying for you personally about?
Pray for my family, and that my children will be Godly and bright in their schoolwork.

§   What do you love most about Zimbabwe?  
I love the many friendly people, who are so caring even when they have so little to give. I also love that our culture values an extended family system that seeks to look after the needy in our society. 
§  Lastly, please say anything you would like for us here in America to know about you.
I am a respectable woman, cool, and reserved. I love using my time constructively and seeking to help others.

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