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Monday, April 16, 2012

Update about Progress(LIVEBIRDS ZIMBABWE)

Greetings Friends!
We apologise for infrequent updates on our webpage-we shall do better.
We thank God that we managed to sell all the 100 chickens that we had in February and March.
Currently we have 169 healthy, strong birds in inventory.

We are working hard that we secure sales so that soon as they are mature we will sell them in a week or two. The loss rate is at 16% vs goal of 7%. We are looking to improve in the next batch that we should buy within these next two weeks. We intend to have a steady supply of chickens in and around Mutare.
We thank God for the money that we received for the delivery truck-cum-taxi. We shall buy a strong vehicle which shall be used for deliveries as well as doubling as a taxi. 

We thank God for the very committed business members, we hope the enthusiasm continues...recently one of us(Bob) was struck by a scorpion whilst at the farm, we thank God that the scorpions around are not poisonous.


Livebirds Team Leader

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