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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

for that Live taste

This recent photo shows the chickens that are partitioned, we have managed to buy 5different lots of chickens, meaning that we are just a week away from "closing the gap", a statement that that was coined between the Livebirds Zim and USA leaders which means a situation where we will be able to slaughter a batch of chickens, which automatically means that we will be supplying businesses and individuals on a weekly basis.

We thank God for the taxi which is making life easier, we managed to buy three batches of chickens these past 3 weeks, and there is Hardlife who joined recently, a huge blessing to Livebirds. Hardlife is worthy a full article of himself which we shall upload soon. We thank God for the team and we pray that God's hand be upon this business venture. The main goal is to have at least 700 chickens in stock  and more than two taxis cashing in every week, Yes-we can
Good day
Livebirds Zim Team

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  1. CLOSE THAT GAP!!!! YES, YOU CAN!!! Thanks for the update, Mish. So appreciate all the hard work you and your wonderful team are doing to make this a success. We love our LiveBirds brothers and sisters.