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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Marathoners for Africa - See letter from Tabitha and Melissa!

Hi Marc and Stevan and others who love Caiphas and Warehouse!
I'm not sure who all to include in this email, but wanted to start a conversation. Tamara will be running the Paris marathon on April 10 and would like to use that event as a possible fund-raiser for Warehouse's partnership with Livebirds in ZM.  Melissa is also training and running a marathon, and I think she would like to be part of this too, but I haven't heard from her in awhile. (Melissa...?)
Part of the catalyst is that a SIM missionary from the UK is running this marathon to raise money for vulnerable children and orphans in another work of Caiphas's. His blog, "Running for HOPE"  is here:
Would it be possible to use the Warehouse in Africa facebook page and Livebirds blog to help promote Tamara's run and fund-raising?  I will let you all take it from here... By the way, Tamara is leaving for Paris to run a HALF marathon this weekend. Whohooo!
Have a great day!
Fellow fans of Caiphas-

Yeeess. We are marathoning. While TP, Deb and Tabs are eyeing the Eiffel Tower, I may pass a Longhorn.  My race is the same day in Dallas. I, too, would love to use the momentum to raise dough, ears, etc for Caiphas and HOPE for AIDS in general. My fear is the time factor. Sooo, I'll put up a blogette and hope for the best in the game of posting and linking posting and linking. 

Rob has been able to work with the UK sending office in setting up his blog to send donations directly to Caiphas's project. If I can be a resource for you in doing the same for the US office, let me know. I'll give it a whirl when I get my blog up and running (tsk). 

Let's see how we go this year and maybe we can get our heads together a bit earlier next year to coordinate same-day marathons, generate some buzz and hatch some more livebirds.

Til then,

Melissa + Sweaty 20 mile Brow

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